The car runs!

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The car runs!

and it’s fixed!

The specialist was called in, a few more new people showed up and all nine of them spent the day putting Opel back together. There were a few false starts but in the end they did it. I take back what I said about the translator’s career. He might make it.

We test drove it to a restaurant last night for celebratory beer and lagman. I’d forgotten how nice power steering is. It’s a miracle. A $1,200 miracle.

With two-thirds of the trip is behind us, we’re about to leave for the Kazakstan border.  Now we just need to survive the long drive across Kazakstan, getting into Russia and the road across all of Mongolia. And hopefully find those Bandits.

Updates to come soon!







  1. Hooray!!!! Yipeeeee!!! Fingers crossed Opel stays well now! Happy travels, cousin!

  2. I’m really loving keeping up with you guys. Glad to hear you’re back on the road.

    So wasn’t this a brand new car? Does the warranty cover it in the caucuses? When does Dean rejoin the team?


  3. lechaim hit the road

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