Team Rocinante

We are a brigade of six adventurists and a van that will be driving across one-third of the world for charity.  We named ourselves Rocinante after Don Quixote’s scrawny horse who was in way over his head and in hommage to John Steinbeck, who travelled across the United States with his poodle in a camper truck of the same name.




Dean CK Cox is a Sweden-based photojournalist primarily covering Central and Eastern Europe shooting breaking news, documentary, hard news and features.  He also works part of the year as a multimedia lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. Dean is a self-taught expert in the post-Soviet world and thankfully says he knows how to fix broken down cars.

Robin Ewing is a Hong Kong-based lecturer and journalist who works with international journalism students at Hong Kong Baptist University. She spends most of her free-time traveling and writing.  Despite this being her first rally, she says she is good at reading maps and telling others what to do.



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Jamie Ewing  is a native Texan who works in fluid power design but whose true passion is working to make every day talk-like-a-pirate day. Jamie has a three-year-old daughter with twins on the way and has convinced himself that his skills in changing diapers and playing dress-up dolls will be an indispensable asset to the team.

Wardlaw Witherspoon is an international man-of-mystery based in New Orleans where by day he works as an engineer and by night can often be found in disguise. He is good at making costumes out of materials at hand.

Helen Rand is a musical festival expert who needs neither a driver’s license nor glasses for an epic road trip, just her quick wit and fun-loving spirit.

Yoav Horesh is a homeless photographer who travels the world on two passports looking for firewood. A professor by day, Yoav runs marathons by night and is in charge of running across the desert in case we break down in the Gobi.


(Photo of Dean and Robin by Jamie Cotten)