Our trip is finished! Please check out the blog for stories.

Thanks to all of your support, we raised nearly US$ 40,000. Much of that went directly to Go Help and the rest went into the van (that was an expensive vehicle – new brakes in Romania, new clutch in Turkey and new engine in Kyrgyzstan) and the logistics of the trip, such as black-market diesel and the long, hot ferry to Turkmenistan,

We are still raising money for Go Help, a very worthwhile charity that operates in Mongolia and Tajikistan. They are doing all kinds of great things for health and education, from building a sustainable ambulance fleet to creating reading programs for kids. I’m a big fan.

Click here to donate directly to Go Help via Justgiving


Some of Go Help’s projects:

1.  Ambulance Project: Go Help provides fully equipped ambulances to hospitals and clinics in Mongolia along with training

2.  Mobile Library: Go Help works with a man who spends the summer driving around Western Mongolia giving kids access to books.

3.  The Book House: This is a small house filled with books in the middle of Ulaanbaatar’s ger district where neighbourhood kids can come hang out, read books and take classes. We visited when we were in Mongolia and its very much part of the community.

4.  Scholarships: Go Help gives a few lower-income kids scholarships for university

5.  Helmet project: Go Help gives out helmets to the kids riding horses in the annual Naadam festival. Apparently about 15 people die a year from injuries.